Government should be afraid

I believe in the United States Government as it was inspired from the God of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, given to the founding fathers by direct inspiration and aided by Angels from on High.

I believe that satan has infiltrated our once pure system of government and now is the chairman of the board of directors of a corporation that is designed to enslave all men everywhere.

I believe it is time to purge this influence from our once noble establishment by whatever means it takes.

We The People

These are my views, I barely scratch the surface in this site of the dark influences that have become the driving force behind the scenes of government operations, I do believe Lucifer himself is in control of the deep "hidden" agenda of  what our government is pushing, it doesn't matter if your democrat or republican, I feel they all have a hand in it knowing or not.

If You Were Taken Aback by Obama’s ‘Smidgen of Corruption’ Claim, Wait Until You Hear Trey Gowdy

When I heard that during Bill Oreilly’s interview with Obama, the president said “there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption” as far as the IRS targeting conservative groups, I fell out of the chair.

The person in the office of the president of the United States of America is a down right compulsive LIAR, he is deceitful, underhanded, and corrupt to the very core.

Mark my words in about 1 years he with his pen and phone will declare martial law, start putting people like me in the already prepared concentration camps and RULE this country as a King with his pen, his paper and his disgusting, pathological, satanic, reasoning, all the while looking us in the eye and smiling trying to convince us he is a “stand-up guy”, nothing absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

Soon we will be forced into taking action to protect our country from domestic terrorism, we’ve already crossed the line, it’s just a matter of time until leadership arises and enough people get sick of this bull shit.

While Satan and his forces unseen (demons) and seen (illuminati, government, corrupt business’s) think they direct the world to a better place, a “utopia” what they really press for is the enslavement of mankind, to do the thing that satan couldn’t do in the existence before earth, “make men obey him, worship him, love him, serve him”.

The people that follow this creed as sharp as it may sound should be rooted out, exposed, then submitted to liberty and its principals or put to death.

If you are a person or entity that has the enslavement of mankind as your focus, you either decide to abandon that desire and let all live in freedom and peace, or offer up your life, as long as there are people like you on this earth No one is safe.

Either abandon your satanic venue or die so that man may be free, free to choose his religion, free to choose his path.

Although this sounds like the very thing satan stands for, think about it, if someone had killed hitler, stalin, mao zedong, fidel castro, just to name a few how many humans would have lived, all of these sought not the freedom of man but their own power, to dictate, to serve the god of this world Lucifer.

spy vs spy obama

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While we’re at it as far as creation vs science.

The materials that make up the earth have been in existence since the beginning of time, you can’t create matter, you can’t destroy matter you can only rearrange matter.

God took matter that was billions of years old and commanded it to come together to form an earth, since matter in its most pure form is called “intelligence” it obeys God there by coming together to form the earth.

The matter that the earth consists of is billions of years old, it took God 6 days to rearrange it into what we call earth.

Dispute solved.

Freedom Or Death